Library Policies

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Uinta County Library Circulation Policies

Loan Periods:

books: 3 weeks
audio cassettes & CDs: 2 weeks
reserved books: 1 or 2 weeks
magazines: 2 weeks
videos & DVDs: 1 week
interlibrary loans: set by loaning library

Evanston Loan Limits per Family:

4 books per subject or author
4 seasonal books
4 magazines per title


Most materials can be renewed.
If books are overdue, they may be renewed:
(1) if the material isn't on reserve,
(2) if the fine is under $3.00
If the fine is over $3.00, you must pay the fine in order to renew the book.
Library Cards:
Library users may check out materials with a valid library card.
If you don't have your card with you, you may also check out with a picture I.D.
You may carry $3.00 in fines on your library card and still check out.
Anything over $3.00 will need to be paid off in order to check out additional materials.

Replacement Cards:
If you lose your library card, you may request a replacement.
Replacement cards are $3.00 per card.

If you have a blue or gold card and you need a red or green card, the card update is free.

Overdue Fines and Replacement Charges:
When materials are not returned to the library by their due date, they are overdue.
The Library does charge fines when items are overdue. We will also charge item replacement fees for any items not returned to the library. Replacement charges vary (see more info below).

Have you lost or damaged a library book, and you need to know what to do about it?

Replacement Charges
Materials not returned or returned with excessive damages that make the item(s) unusable
will be subject to replacement charges.

Replacement charges set by the library include the cost of time to prepare the item for public use
in addition to the cost of the item itself.

If unreturned items or damaged items are part of a set (i.e. cassettes, a book/cassette combination,
a CD/book combination, a movie on more than one tape) the replacement charge will be
the charge of the entire set.

Replacement charges on some items may be increased if the item is out of print
and/or is one that the library has intended for permanent retention in the collection.
In some cases, out of print or rare materials are tremendously expensive to replace
and replacement charges will reflect this cost.

If you need to replace library materials, the library is only able to accept payment of materials replacement charges.
We cannot accept new books or other materials instead of the replacement charge.

Refund Policy
100% refund on lost material found within 60 days.
70% refund on lost material found after 60 days.
Lost material found after 6 months no refund.

Damaged Materials
If an item is damaged while in your possession, do not try to repair it.
Please bring the damage to the attention of library staff when you return the item.
The library has staff specially trained in book repair
and sometimes having to undo an incorrect book repair can cause further damage to the book.