Library Endowment Challenge

Do you want to help your local libraries in a way that will last beyond your initial donation? The Wyoming State Legislature came up with a way for you to do just that with the Endowment Challenge.

What is the Endowment Challenge?

The Endowment Challenge is a program set up by the Wyoming State Legislature to help raise money for Wyoming libraries. The library raises the funds, the State matches the funds based on the library’s size, and then the money is invested. The libraries receive the interest on that investment.

How does it work?

We can raise up to $343,478, and the State will match it 2:1. Basically, it works like this: Let’s say you donate $50 to the Uinta County Libraries…

So, the impact of every donation is greater, and every donation does help.
We have until June 2017 to meet the goal of $343,478.
If we can do that, then, with the State match, we’d have over $1.2 Million dollars to invest for our libraries.

How is the money used?

All funds received from the Endowment MUST be used directly for the Uinta County Libraries. So, it could be used to improve the library collections and technology resources, get better furniture for the public areas, and help keep our libraries a vital part of our communities.

With this endowment, we can leave a legacy that will benefit our libraries, and everyone in Uinta County, forever. Come be a partner in our legacy, and donate to the Endowment Challenge.