Dear Neighbors,
The best thing about a struggle is when it starts to turn around. Think about it. Haven’t you savored those moments in your life where a setback starts to turn into momentum forward?

We look forward to just such a time at the Uinta County Library Foundation. The library is starting to regroup after several lean years. The state-initiated endowment that matched many of your donations is nearing its goal. A standing budget for acquiring new materials was re-established after two years without one. Forecasts for the tax revenues that fund the operating portion of the library’s budget remain alarmingly tight, but public support for the library remains strong.

Despite declining circulation numbers, local residents still come to their libraries to read to their children, attend programs, get help with research, and otherwise participate in their community. The library’s three branches did enough business in the 2014-15 fiscal year to put eight books into the hands of every man, woman, and child in Uinta County. More than 165,000 visits were paid to a local library.

Plenty of work remains. The library lags well behind the state average in expenditures per county resident, available staff per capita, and available technology. The Foundation continues to focus on building an endowment – matched on a 2-for-1 basis by the Wyoming legislature – that is being invested and will start generating funds for projects that cannot be funded in the library’s operating budget. The Foundation also helps purchase new materials. We hope to do even more in the upcoming year.

Please contact us if you have questions about the information in this report. Whatever way you have supported the library, we thank you. We look forward to a continuing partnership in the coming year.

"What are you doing with our contributions?"

The Library Foundation's main efforts since it was founded in 1976 have focused on securing enough contributions to qualify for a 2-for-1 match pledged by the Wyoming Legislature as part of its Library Endowment Challenge program. We've secured 93 percent of our goal and are pushing forward to raise the final $25,000 required.

Not every donation is earmarked for the Endowment Challenge, though. Some donors ask us to use their funds for specific purposes. They may wish to support adult training programs or perhaps boost our children's collection.

Still other funds are not restricted to any specific purpose. That money fulfills needs that we cannot fund through our regular operating budget. Upon approval of our board of local residents and business leaders, we used your contributions to contract for long-neglected public relations services and purchase new bulletin boards for library and community announcements. Items like these allow county government funds to be focused on basic library operations. Your donations are set aside to help move the library forward.

For more details about the Uinta County Library Foundation, click here.

Supporting the Uinta County Library Foundation in ways big and small is simple and easy. Here are some ways you can help:

Buy some holiday candy

Our annual See’s Candies holiday sale is the sweetest way you can support the library. Stop in at your branch to place an order.

Link the library to your Smith’s card

Smith’s lets you donate your customer loyalty points to the library. Simply go into your account and designate the Uinta County Library Foundation as your charity. Click here for complete detailed instructions.

Look for our book sales, annual parking lot sale and other fundraisers

Benefits on behalf of the foundation occur at all three libraries on a regular basis. Keep an eye out for ones that fit your definition of fun.

Order a pizza

The library now sells Pizza Hut fundraiser cards. Each $15 card brings an $8 benefit to the foundation. Purchase these cards at the circulation desk.

Remember us when you are on Amazon

Support the library and the community by purchasing materials off of our Amazon Wish Lists. Click on the Amazon Wish List link for your local branch:

Buy It Now

In addition to the Amazon Wish List program, the library also offers a Buy It Now program through Amazon in cooperation with the Wyoming State Library. Using this link, purchases made at Amazon will automatically return a percentage of the purchase price to the library. This is at no additional cost to those making the purchase.

Honor a loved one

Keep the memory of a loved one alive by donating a book in their memory. Ask about the Memory Book program at your branch.

Endowment Fund

Each donation you make to the Endowment Fund is matched 2:1 by the state. Your donation gets tripled, and it will help our libraries forever.


Your local libraries hold fundraisers year round. Check with them often to see how you can support the libraries.


Every donation, large or small, is much appreciated by your libraries. These funds help with the purchase of new materials, bring in educational and entertainment programs and enable your libraries to meet the needs of our community.

Thank you so much for your generosity.

Keep reading, studying, watching, listening and using your library!

Call or visit your local library to find out more about how you can help.
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Thanks to Our 2014-15 Contributors

$2,500 +
  • Union Telephone
  • George B. McKinley
  • James Millis
  • Butch & Melissa Foster

$1,000 - $2,499
  • Mountain View Lions Club
  • The Rose Law Firm PC

$500 - $999
  • Uinta County School District #1
  • Laurie Bateman
  • Ryckman Creek Resources LLC
  • Joyce & David
  • Mark K. Hoffman
  • US Bank
  • Wyoming Library Foundation
  • Richard Kuter

More 2014-15 Contributors

Thank You!

  • Kathryn Wymer
  • Creative Ink Images
  • Bruce Prachar
  • Jon & Beverly Brown
  • Pro Wireline Inc.
  • Leslie Allred
  • Patricia Goedken
  • Jack & Jane Kreider
  • Paul & Carrie Morash
  • Ann Park
  • Doug & Joyce Pittman
  • Sundahl, Powers, Knapp & Martin. LLC
  • Mark & Nikki Walker
  • Wasatch Surveying Associates
  • Wyoming Trial Lawyers Association
  • Robert J. Reese
  • Karen L. Cook
  • Helen Mertz
  • Norma Jean Williams
  • Aron and Hennig, LLP
  • Tim & Katie Beppler
  • Fred & Jill Coles
  • James E. Fitzgerald
  • Stephen R. Fox
  • Dan & Linda France
  • Jason P. Haack
  • Mike & Kathy Hamblin
  • Pamela Handy
  • Elaine Michaelis
  • Hirst, Applegate, LLP
  • Patricia A. Jameson
  • Juliett Jett
  • Lela Johnson
  • Vicki Johnson
  • Dan Knox
  • Amber Martines
  • Virginia Moore
  • Gary & Jolene Parker
  • Patriot Electrical Solutions
  • James & Jan Poppe
  • Thomas D. Roberts
  • Heidi Maier Sagstad
  • Randall & Theresa Sanders
  • Steven & Linda Smith
  • Timothy S. Tarver
  • Uinta Realty, Inc.
  • VFW Washakie Post 4280
  • Tom & Betsy Wagner
  • Todd & Michelle Walbridge
  • Roy Walworth
  • Daniel E. White
  • Curtis Young
  • Thomas Zbornik
  • James Everett
  • Sagebrush Theatre Productions
  • Bridger Valley Buffalo Co.
  • Alan & Leslie Carlson
  • Jay Anderson
  • Mary Boal
  • Terry & Nancy Burke
  • Kathy Campbell
  • Tina Cowan
  • Jay & Elise Crompton
  • Norm Daines
  • Deru's Glass Works, Inc.
  • Hathaway & Kunz, PC
  • Barbara Jefferis
  • Lori Jensen
  • Karen R. Maier
  • David & Cindy Matthews
  • Messenger & Overland, PC
  • Randall & Betty Meyer
  • Sandy Ottley
  • F. Walter Riebenack
  • Patricia B. Robbins
  • Kenneth Roberts
  • Eric & Sherrie South
  • William & Jacquelyn Stonebraker
  • John Thomas
  • Timilee Wilber
  • John & Elizabeth Williams
  • Wolf, Tiedeken & Woodard PC
  • Spencer & Susan Deiber
  • Martin & Norene Watkins
  • Harriet & Howard Beck
  • Mark Carman
  • Earl & Arlene O'Driscoll
  • Geraldine Redmon
  • Jacob McCarthy
  • Verl & Evelyn Allred
  • William & Cindy-Lee Crawford
  • Eric & Barbara Diehl
  • Connie Eastman
  • Esther Chapter #9
  • Cynthia Murdock
  • Claudia & Don Proffit
  • Jaque Skog
  • Linford & Doris Taylor
  • Wesley & Judi Whittaker
  • Verla Condos
  • Gary Ferguson
  • Gina Paoletti
  • Doreen Platt
  • Sharon Slagowski
  • Michael & Mary Withouse
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"A library outranks any other one thing a community can do to benefit its people. It is a never failing spring in the desert."
~Andrew Carnegie